Patient Care Services

We create customized programs to meet various needs. Below are some programs we currently have in place with our partners.

Ace Adherence Program

Life can be challenging. Our clinical team will work with patients to remind them of their medication refills and address any barriers they may be experiencing with their medications. We understand medication adherence is a complex problem in the US and we’ll here to provide the provide the care coordination as patient needs to succeed.

The Virtual Pharmacist

Can’t go into the pharmacy? Our technology can help link you with a pharmacist for a free virtual face-to face medication therapy management session. We’ll review each of your medications and ensure patients are comfortable with their current medication regimen to help manage chronic conditions.

Med to Bed Program

Program crafted to help patients make the transition from hospital to home easier and avoid hospital re-admission. We provide the following:

  • Provide Patient Counseling at time of discharge as needed
  • Patient follow-up within 72 hours of discharge or sooner if needed
  • Patient Assessments to determine the need for additional follow-up and also the frequency of interaction
  • Monthly or as needed contact with the patient to assess medication compliance and/or issues the patient may have with their drug regimen
  • Dashboards listing the pharmacist's evaluation of the patient's adherence to their medication regimen provided to the prescriber or other healthcare professionals involved in the care
  • Collaboration with discharge planners to assure the mediation regimen is consistent with what was prescribed in the hospital too so that the transition from the hospital to the community is accurate preventing readmission
  • Synchronized the patient's medication regimen to assure that all of the prescriptions are refillable at the same time
  • Special adherence packaging to assure ease of administration of medications

HIV Care Plan

Program to help HIV patients set goals, identify actions needed to achieve goals, and provide support to complete Care Plan.

Gaia Care

Program dedicated to help OBGYN patients manage high blood pressure to avoid complications that may arise during pregnancy. This care plan includes teaching patients how to use blood pressure monitor, interpret results, and help patients maintain treatment adherence.